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Registration Now Open for the 2018 Military Team Bass Tournament

Official Practice – May 6-8, 2018 - Tournament Days – May 9-11, 2018

Lake – Old Hickory, TN - Marina/Launch Site - Sanders Ferry Park,
513 Sanders Ferry Rd, Hendersonville, TN 37075

Permissive TDY Invitation


Plan now to attend the 2018 Military Team Event

by George Kunkle III

Last year I may have been a little remiss in not getting an article out prior to the 2017 Military Team Bass Tournament. Although, I am very appreciative of the compliments and the number of members that actually enjoy reading these pieces, I certainly heard about it at the registration and safety brief at the Farmers Market in Anderson. 

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How Air Force Team Lee/Hummel Won the
2017 Military Team Bass Tournament

The 2017 Military Team Bass Tournament was held on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, South Carolina May 10-12. This is an annual team event where prior and active military get together each season to spend a with friends for a little fun competition. It’s a three-day event so don’t think this is just for fun, it’s also for cash and a year of bragging rights.

The teams start showing up on the weekend before the event and start practicing on Sunday. The practice days are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. After a day of practice, there are cookouts, hanging out with brothers they haven’t seen in a year and a lot of fish stories.  

We reached out to a few of the top teams to have them, in their own words, tell is us more about their experience.

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2018 Military Team Bass Tournament Scheduled for Old Hickory Lake

ATHENS, Ala. – The 2018 Military Team Bass Tournament, presented by American Bass Anglers, will be hosted by Sumner County Tourism and will take place May 6-11, 2018 at Sanders Ferry Park in Hendersonville, TN.  The onsite registration and dinner will take place on Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

“We are so excited to host the military fishing event on Old Hickory Lake here in Sumner County,” said Barry Young, Executive Director of Sumner County Tourism. “With our central location near Nashville and our proximity to Fort Campbell, we are hoping for a great turnout.” 

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Lee & Hummel Take Win at Military Team Event

Jonathan Lee & Travis Hummel had another solid day on Lake Hartwell. The pair brought in 12.34 pounds today to make for a three-day total of 39.21 pounds, less than a pound ahead of the Day Two leaders Kevin & Kyle Oleen. Their win was worth $4000 while winning an additional $720 for Day Two Big Bass. Additionally, the team is eligible for $7000 in Triton Gold cash, as well as, contingency cash from Mercury and T-H Marine Atlas Awards.  “During practice, we were losing fish. We changed out our hooks to KVD 2X Short Mustad Triple Grip trebles on the Strike King 2.5 square bills we were using in Sexy Shad color, targeting shallow points. Tuesday was a great practice day and we came off of the water by 9:00 AM to keep from burning through our fish. We were blessed, we had a great time, and we’re glad we won,” said Lee.

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Oleen & Oleen Move up to Lead Spot at Military Team Event

Kevin Oleen & Kyle Oleen are in first place with 30.64 pounds after Day Two of the ABA Military Team Bass Tournament at Lake Hartwell. They head into the final day with a 3.77 pound lead. “We appreciate ABA hosting this event. We’ve fished it for the past 15 years and this is the first time we’ve led it. We would prefer sunshine instead of clouds going into tomorrow. Our fish seem to like it sunny versus overcast and we are using multiple baits throughout the day to catch our fish,” said Kevin Oleen.

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Jarrett & Schnupp Take Early Lead at Military Team Event

Steve Jarrett & Michael Schnupp hold the first place spot after weighing in 17.69 pounds on Day One of the ABA Military Team Bass Tournament at Lake Hartwell. “We fished similar types of water that we fish in Florida in these same conditions, minus the grass of course. We were very fortunate to have such a good day after a terrible practice,” said Schnupp.

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Registration for the 2017 Military Team Bass Tournament
Now Open

May 9-12, 2017 on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, SC

Link to Register

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2017 Military Team Bass Tournament Location Announced

ATHENS, Ala. – The 2017 Military Team Bass Tournament, presented by American Bass Anglers, will be hosted by the Anderson Convention & Visitors Bureau and will take place May 9-12, 2017 at Green Pond Landing and Event Center on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, SC. The onsite registration and dinner will take place on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

Since opening in December 2014, Green Pond Landing has hosted the ABA Ray Scott Championship, the ABA American Fishing Tour National Championship, the GEICO Bassmaster Classic as well as the Wal-Mart FLW Tour. The Anderson community provides a multitude of excellent lodging and dining options close to Green Pond Landing for the competitors, as well as many activities for the families and participating anglers. The competitors will fish Lake Hartwell, the 56,000 acre reservoir along the Savannah and Tugaloo Rivers, which spans part of the South Carolina-Georgia border.

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Aul & Aul Seal the Deal at ABA Military Team Event

Paul and Jeffrey Aul have won the 2016 ABA Military Team Bass Tournament at Lake Eufaula with a three-day total of 45.55 pounds. The father and son duo took home $3300 for their win. This makes the third year in a row that Aul & Aul have won this event. Their pattern consisted of using topwater baits while chasing the shad spawn on Day One. On Day Two, the water began falling and Aul & Aul had to move to offshore structure using a Strikezone Lures Mega Worm and crankbaits for the remainder of the event. They focused on areas from Cowikee Creek to the dam.

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Aul & Aul Stay Consistent to Lead Day Two of ABA Military Team Event

Paul and Jeffrey Aul are sitting in first place with a two-day total of 33.42 pounds at the end of Day Two of the ABA Military Team Bass Tournament at Lake Eufaula. “We threw topwater yesterday chasing the shad spawn first thing and continued using topwater all day with only a few bites, but good ones. Today, with falling water, we were forced to move offshore with jigs and big worms. We fished almost everything we knew today from the dam to Cowikee Creek,” said Paul Aul.

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Day 1 Results 2017 - PDF

Current Launch Order

BT Team  
1 Jeffrey Knight  - Randy Jones    
2 Bill Stines  - Harold Troutt   
3 David Gunderman - Clarence Woodham  
4 Jacob Vogt III - Tim Walters              
5 Joe Angelone- Mark Mothersell            
6 Jason Kenney  - Steven White    
7 Bart Vigo    - Julio Candelario            
8 Paul Govensky- Hector Vasquez  
9 Mitchell Oldnettle - Len Lindahl  
10 Rodney Ryan - Joshua Migues   
11 Robert Armbruster - Shawn Taylor   
12 Gary Perrine - Jeremy Stoute   
13 Eric Simpson - Ronald Mosley   
15 John Morgan  - Michael Seely    
16 Kyle Winn  - Zachary Cain     
17 David Walley  - Marvin Walley   
18 Shane Miller  - Travis Crowell  
19 BJ Boothe  - Kevin Regas    
20 Roy West  - Chris West     
21 Jared Albright- Bryan McNeal   
22 Eric Turner  - Mike Lawrence  

Gregg Grodner - Michael Nawrocki

24 Gregory Alexander-Jeffery York  
25 George Kunkle III-Clifton Holt  
26 Randy Bell-Vernon Story  
27 Eric Lochner-  
28 Vernon Ward-Eddie Wofford  
29 Torrey Aiken-Craig Fagan  
30 Jeremy Easterwood-Vern Baldwin  
31 Kevin Oleen-Kyle Oleen  
32 Mathew Campbell-Brian Campbell   
33 Chris Melton-Robert Campbell  
34 Clifton Madden-John Dycus  
35 James Sheehan-Rollin Willmon  
36 Jeffery Phipps-Michael Phipps  
37 Jonathan Lee-Travis Hummel  
38 Dion Fernau-Arnie Hanson  
39 William Roberson Jr-Gerald Powe  
40 Steve O'Connell-Jeff Hall  
41 Tim Onusko-Jason Graning  
42 Brandon King-Robert King  
43 Jason Reinke - Mark Sullivan  
44 William Pitts - William Eddy  
45 Deacon Collins - Chris Sanders  
46 Tris Alexander - TBD  
47 Richard Clark - Michael Lemley  
48 Tommy Cooper - James Dudley  
49 Bradley Garrett -  TBD  
50 Bobby Robinson - Hiram Robinson  
51 Chad Ardis - Eddie Bryant  
52 Jay Perkins - Chris Gren  
53     Kyle Kolthoff - Damon Denzin  
54 Michael Martin - TBD  
55 Mickey Beck - Pat Anderson  
56 Jason Forsgren - Derrick Gray  
57 Marvin Howard - Thomas Allman      
58 Ronald Erb - Lawrence Davidson  
59 David Wilfong - TBD  

G-Force Conservation Cull System from T-H Marine