2018 Military Team Bass Tournament Scheduled for Old Hickory Lake

ATHENS, Ala. – The 2018 Military Team Bass Tournament, presented by American Bass Anglers, will be hosted by Sumner County Tourism and will take place May 6-11, 2018 at Sanders Ferry Park in Hendersonville, TN.  The onsite registration and dinner will take place on Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

“We are so excited to host the military fishing event on Old Hickory Lake here in Sumner County,” said Barry Young, Executive Director of Sumner County Tourism. “With our central location near Nashville and our proximity to Fort Campbell, we are hoping for a great turnout.” 

We invite all our military anglers to experience the variety of old and new as they blend together in this beautiful area of Middle Tennessee. Discover the Sumner County, TN history. Explore the country music heritage. Hear the legends and stories. Soak in the simplicity of Old Hickory Lake, parks and farms. After a few adventures in Sumner county, you'll feel like you are returning home.

Members of the United States Armed Forces from all over the country will make the drive to compete in the 2018 event on Old Hickory Lake. Any active duty or retired Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, National Guard, Reserve or Coast Guard member are invited to participate.   Immediate family of military members, honorably discharged veterans, Department of Defense civilians and contractors may also fish this event.

“All in all, it was a great tournament and the ABA is a great organization. I really enjoy all that ABA has to offer.  We both fish the Ram Truck Open Series and plan this trip for the military event every year," said Travis Hummel from the winning team in 2017.

The Military Team Bass Fishing Tournament began in 1991, as a way to promote fishing and camaraderie among all branches of the military. In 1975, ABA began as the Military Bass Anglers Association, an organization dedicated to providing bass anglers in the military an opportunity to compete in tournaments with other military members. In 2000, Morris Sheehan, a life member who retired from the U.S. Army, bought MBAA, renamed it American Bass Anglers Inc., and relocated it to Athens, Ala.

“The annual Military Team Bass Tournament is designed to promote bass fishing among all Military Members and provide a platform for bragging rights among the Services.  Sumner County is the ideal host for this event, with the warm welcome they give all Military members and its proximity to the many attractions in the Nashville area,” said Morris Sheehan, president of American Bass Anglers. 

Registration will open November 7 at 8:00 am central time. For more information on this tournament, call ABA at 256-232-0406 or see www.americanbassanglers.com.

American Bass Anglers commitment is to provide low cost, close to home tournaments for the weekend angler and at the same time offer each competitor an upward path for individual angler progression. For more information about American Bass Anglers and the Ram American Fishing Tour, the Ram Truck Open Series, the Ram 100% Plus Team Tour, or the American Couples Series visit www.americanbassanglers.com.

American Bass Anglers, Inc. is supported by Ram Trucks, Triton Boats, Mercury Outboards, Carlisle Tires, Hydrowave, T-H Marine, Abu Garcia, Berkley, Livingston Lures, Best Western Hotels, Simms, Garmin, Maui Jim, Power Pole, SiriusXM, and GEICO. 

Current Launch Order

BT Team
1 Jeffrey Knight  - Randy Jones  
2 Bill Stines  - Harold Troutt 
3 David Gunderman - Clarence Woodham
4 Tim Walters - Jacob Vogt III            
5 Joe Angelone- Mark Mothersell          
6 Jason Kenney  - Steven White  
7 Bart Vigo    - Julio Candelario          
8 Paul Govensky- Hector Vasquez
9 Mitchell Oldnettle - Len Lindahl
10 Rodney Ryan - Joshua Migues 
11 Robert Armbruster - Shawn Taylor 
12 Gary Perrine - Jeremy Stoute 
13 Eric Simpson - Ronald Mosley 
14 Roger Brugger - Ronald Timmer 
15 John Morgan  - Michael Seely  
16 Kyle Winn  - Zachary Cain   
17 David Walley  - Marvin Walley 
18 Shane Miller  - Travis Crowell
19 BJ Boothe  - Kevin Regas  
20 Roy West  - Chris West   
21 Jared Albright- Bryan McNeal 
22 Eric Turner  - Allen Turner 

Gregg Grodner - Jeffry Wade   

24 Gregory Alexander-Jeffery York
25 George Kunkle III-Clifton Holt
26 Randy Bell-Vernon Story
27 Eric Lochner-
28 Vernon Ward-Eddie Wofford
29 Torrey Aiken-Craig Fagan
30 Jeremy Easterwood-Vern Baldwin
31 Kevin Oleen-Kyle Oleen
32 Mathew Campbell-Brian Campbell 

G-Force Conservation Cull System from T-H Marine